Veterans for Peace

The members of Spokane Veterans for Peace stand united in support of Rev. George Taylor in his challenge of corporate authority to accelerate destruction of the earth's climate.  George is not only one of us.  He represents us and our hopes for ending the spiral of environmental degradation that has been clearly shown to profoundly threaten the quality of life on earth, if not life itself.

As veterans for peace, we are compelled to demonstrate the true cost of war and end war as our country's default policy to address international conflict.  We are committed to demonstrate that "Peace is Possible."  As men and women who love our country, we must try to save and enhance the ecological wealth we have enjoyed and dearly wish our offspring to enjoy.  The promotion, production, transportation and export of fossil fuels form one of the greatest impediments to global environmental health and to world peace.

As a class of citizens, American veterans have never been more venerated by media and elected officials.  However, we who bear guilt and regret for our participation in military atrocities and illegal wars, rarely have a platform for our visions of peace and reconciliation and harmony because we are not valued by the few who make billions of dollars from a perpetual war against our planet.

Standing on the rails in Spokane, Washington was not an attack upon railroads, or commerce, or local prosperity.  It was a principled defense of our air, our water, and our future.  It was not a call to arms, but a call to lay down the massive weapons being used to degrade our earth.  Soon it will be too late to embrace the clean technology that is already available to supply energy and jobs.  Soon it will be too late for those who plunder the planet to realize that they, too, need clean air and pure water.  Soon it will be too late for the veterans of 20th Century conflicts to show what we have learned from the failure of war to bring peace and the failure of greed to bring prosperity.

Spokane Veterans for Peace calls upon everyone to consider the importance of George Taylor's struggle for justice and find your voices.

Spokane Veterans for Peace #035

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