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Title: Sierra Club Implementation Plan Proposal for the Spokane River Dissolved Oxygen TMDL, PDF Print Ready Document
Author: Sierra Club, Center For Justice
Date: July 29, 2004 | ID#: 040729
Category: Spokane River & Aquifer
Keywords: Spokane River, TMDL, Dissolved Oxygen

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Sierra Club Implementation Plan Proposal
Dissolved Oxygen Water Quality Clean-Up Plan (TMDL)

July 2004


The Clean Water Act requires the Washington Department of Ecology to adopt a clean-up plan to improve dissolved oxygen in the Spokane River. As a part of that plan, Ecology must include implementation strategies that describe how the clean-up will be accomplished. Because conditions in the river are so bad, wastewater treatment plants may be required to adopt strict treatment standards and alternative disposal methods (in other words, not discharge to the River during the low flow season).

In an effort to promote productive discussion about the issues, Sierra Club proposed this implementation plan. It includes proposals for water conservation, influent reduction, pollution reduction, reclamation and reuse of wastewater, land application and other strategies. In addition to ideas, we included examples from other cities where these measures are being used successfully to control wastewater pollution, along with links to websites.

The report was prepared by Rachael Paschal Osborn, Bonne Beavers of the Center for Justice, and law clerks Earl P. Jones and Micah LeBank.