Ethics and the

    Columbia River Treaty

    Righting Historic Wrongs

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     Eileen Delehanty Pearkes

Eileen Delehanty Pearkes explores landscape, history and the human imagination in her books, articles and public talks. Born in the United States, educated at Stanford University and the University of British Columbia, she has been a resident of Canada for 33 years. Her books include A River Captured (2016), The Geography of Memory (2002), Heart of a River (2004 & 2015) and The Glass Seed (2007). An exhibit Eileen curated on the history of the Columbia River Treaty in Canada received the 2015 Canadian Museum Association’s prize for excellence.   She writes popular columns on landscape, water policy and indigenous history for The North Columbia Monthly, the Nelson Star and the online news website, The Nelson Daily.  In 2017, she served as Cultural Ambassador for the city of Nelson.   Her perspective on the Columbia River Treaty is uniquely bi-national and informed by two decades of research and travel across the river basin on both sides of the international boundary.