Ethics and the

    Columbia River Treaty

    Righting Historic Wrongs

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     Nathan Reynolds

     Director, Cultural Resources Department

     Cowlitz Indian Tribe

Nathan Reynolds currently serves as Director of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe’s Culture Department and has been employed with Cowlitz since 2005.

Trained as an ethno-ecologist, Nathan studies prehistoric and historic interactions between humans, the physical landscape and natural resources in southwest Washington State.

During his tenure, Mr. Reynolds guided the Tribe’s successful petition to list eulachon under the Endangered Species Act, guided the nomination to have Mount St. Helens/Lawetlat’la listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a traditional cultural property, written successful grant applications bringing in over 5 million dollars, and authored professional articles in wildlife, fisheries, anthropology and environmental history.

Nathan obtained both a BS in Natural Resource Sciences (2001) and an MS in Environmental Science/Regional Planning (2009) from the Vancouver Branch Campus of Washington State University. He has lived in the region for 50 years.