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Transitions Index 1988 - 2000

The Lands Council's quarterly journal highlights the historic transition now underway as our region shifts from the century-long grip of resource extraction industries. Utilizing the extensive document and photographic archives of the Council and other sources, the past is made present for Council members, policymakers, conservation leaders, media contacts and business leaders.

Call the Council at (509)838-4912 to order Transitions issues from the first issue in 1988 to the present. Online Issues are underlined. Some of the online issues have a brief or full version. The brief version is text only. The full version is all the text and images.

No. 1: Change Corporate America For 33 Cents, & PDF
No. 2:
"Republican Landslide" - Idaho Politicians Assault America's Forests, & PDF
No. 3:
Exxon Valdez in slow motion: Decision Time for Spokane River, & PDF

No. 1: Cartooning The Salmon Crisis, & PDF -- Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Series, Part 10
No. 2:
Beetlemania, & PDF -- Damaging Forests - Losing Tax Dollars - Claiming Virtue
No. 3:
Washington State Rallies To Save The Spokane River, & PDF Ghosts of mining's past . . . & future?, 1999 Dead Swan Award, Senator Slade Gorton (R-WA)

April: Saving Tax Dollars To Save Forests, & PDF
Cleaning up the Coeur d'Alene -- "Washington Wades Into Polluted Waters, & PDF
Land Swap Swindles -- "Looters of the Public Domain", & PDF
Taking Back Our Land -- A History, & PDF

Jan-Mar: Idaho Govt. & Mining Pollution: a century of neglect

Forest Stealing - Series
Apr-June: 1897-1997 A hundred years of logging in the National Forests, & PDF
Ending Commercial Logging, & PDF
Idaho Poisons, Idaho Politicians: Targeting U.S. Superfund Law, & PDF

Jan/Feb: Clearcuts & Floods, & PDF
Get the Lead Out!, & PDF
The Labor Question, & PDF
"Earth First! We'll log the other planets later", & PDF
Idaho Toxics invade Washington, & PDF
Toxic Floods: "Conspiracy of Optimism", & PDF

an-Mar: Killer Dams, & PDF (some photos only)
Apr/May: Forest Health Hoax
Clinton flip-flops: Forest Disaster, & PDF
Larry Craig & Boise Cascade's Directors, & PDF
Slade Gorton & Co, & PDF
George Nethercutt: Tom Foley's Successor, & PDF

Jan/Feb: 1872 Mining Law
Mar/Apr: 1889 Congress draws terrible state lines
May/June: 1891 Forest Reserve Act
1929 Valley of Death & PDF (Photos only)
Big Business, Congress, and the Public Lands & PDF (missing some photos)
Nov/Dec: Poisoning Children

U.S. Forest Service: A Public Trust Betrayed - Series
Jan/Feb: Phantom Forests
Mar/Apr: Speaker Foley
May/June: Forest Service Attacks Public Oversight  

July/Aug: Clearcutting Public Service
Sept/Oct: A Century of Political Cartoons  

Past and Future of the Columbia River Region - Series
Nov: 1804 Lewis and Clark
Dec: 1864 Northern Pacific Railroad Land Grant

Jan: Justice and America's Forests

1864 Northern Pacific Railroad Land Grant - Series
Feb: Train Wrecks, Abandoned Communities, and Clearcuts
Mar: Calvin Coolidge
April: From Yellowstone Park to the Pacific: Massive Clearcutting
May: Exporting Lincoln Logs
June: Leadership?
July: Robber Barons' Political Stranglehold

Forest Health - Series
Aug/Sept: Fire
Oct/Dec: Salvage Logging
Dec: Economic Transition Underway

Jan: Forest Watch
Feb: An End. A Beginning
Mar: Controlling Corporate Cutting
Apr: Canada's Forests
May: U.S. Corps of Engineers and Salmon Extinction
June: Floods and Forests
July: Catastrophe for Eastside Forests
Aug: Breaking the Iron Triangle
Sept: Ticking Timber Time Bomb
Oct: Salmon: Parity Promise
Nov: Colville Chainsaw Massacre!
Dec: Timber Politics Choking Civil Service

Jan: Manipulating Public Opinion
Feb: Corporate Raiders: Fall of America's Forests, Forest Dependent Communities
Mar: Out of Control: Fall of the Forest Service as a Professional Agency
Apr: Help Wanted! Think globally, act locally: the gathering storm
May: Clearcutting Frenzy
June: End of the Timber Frontier
July: Plundering the Northwest
Aug: Forest Perestroika
Sept: Public Policy and America's Forests
Oct: Public Relations and Reality
Nov: Mediating Idaho Wilderness
Dec: U.S. Forest Service: professionalism vs. timber politics

Jan: Roadless areas on the Idaho Panhandle: Shell Game with Public Resources
Feb: North Idaho Lakes: Nutrients and Toxic Metals
Mar: Rivers of No Return? Losing tax dollars and losing priceless wildland resources

Log Exports - Series
April: Northwest timber sails
May: 4 Billion Board Feet Exported
June: Conservation as Scapegoat
July: Trouble in the Colonies

God's Country - Series
Aug: Fate of the Wild Rockies
Sept: What happened to Smokey Bear
Oct: Senator McClure: Assault on the National Wilderness Act

Nov: Democracy and America's Forests: Where does Sen. McClure Stand on Public Process
Dec: Logging the Northwest into Poverty: Exporting logs, jobs and future of communities

Sept: Transition: Change in America's Northwest
Oct: Protected Areas: Protecting fisheries of the Pacific Northwest
Nov: Our Environment, Election '88, and the Future
Dec: Overcutting the Forests: Timber corporations overcut their industrial forests. Now they want to overcut our National Forests